Winter Wheel Damage—and How to Fix it Come Spring

Winter wheel damage is, unfortunately, pervasive in Ontario. Of course winter is hard on your entire car, from the paint to the under-the-hood parts…the tires and wheels still bear the brunt of winter driving.

Winter Wheel Damage—How it Happens

If you’re wondering exactly how wheels are damaged on winter roads (and how to avoid that damage in the future!), there are three primary ways. Below these wheel-damaging winter situations are exactly how to fix up your wheels come spring.

1. Spinning

We’ve all gotten stuck at some point. Most of us get stuck at least once a year. Spinning your tires in snow can cause severe damage to the wheels. The reason why is that the strong spinning motion that the axle forces the wheel to do (which it often does in an uneven pattern thanks to one tire being more ‘stuck’) causes added centrifugal force, heat and friction—which can cause the wheel to deform. Unfortunately the only way to avoid this is to not get stuck—and to be aware of your ‘spinning’ when you do get stuck.

2. Salt

Salt is a car killer. We all know that, as we’ve all seen the rusting-causing havoc it wreaks on the paint on our cars. But—it can destroy the finish on your wheels as well, which makes them more vulnerable to rust, decay and other wheel-damaging elements. The only way to prevent this is to clean them regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner. A cleaner specifically built for wheels is best.

3. Accidents 

Accidents are a part of winter. Some are major accidents that can destroy your car—but the majority are small skids that leave you in the ditch. These ditch visits however can cause severe damage to your wheels. So our advice? Stay out of the ditch. (Sorry—but there’s just no other   advice we can give than that!

Winter Wheel Damage—How to Fix it Come Spring

So—some winter wheel damage can be prevented in the future…but much of it is simply an inevitability of being a Canadian. Luckily—there’s a way to fix this. Actually there’s two: buy new wheels (expensive) or have them refinished (the affordable option). Come spring, drop on by Carcone’s to have your winter wheel damage fixed—affordably—with wheel refinishing.

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