Why Your Wheels Need Refinishing

Here at Carcone’s in Aurora, we have been offering our excellent wheel refinishing services since 1996. This process can breathe new life into your tired old wheels. If you’ve never had your wheels refinished, make this the year that you finally get it done, and freshen up the look of your wheels!

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should consider getting your wheels refinished at Carcone’s in Aurora:

  1. Powder-Coating Benefits

The first reason why you should get this service is to get your wheels powder- coated by Carcone’s experienced professionals. Powder coating brings a refreshing look to your tires, while helping to prevent excessive amounts of corrosion and rust.

  1. Effectively Manage Minor Dents And Imperfections

A second reason to come to Carcone’s for wheel refinishing is to get minor dents and imperfections gently removed from each wheel.

  1. Make Your Wheels Shine Again

Our wheel refinishing service can help your wheels regain some shine and lustre. The appearance of your wheels can really bring attention to your vehicle, and our process will make your wheels shine like they used to!

  1. Bring New Life To Your Wheels-Affordably!

Our wheel-refinishing service is an affordable way to bring new life to your wheels. While many car owners would like to replace their worn, past-their-prime wheels, buying a new set can be quite expensive. Wheel refinishing, however, is a viable option that is simply more affordable.

  1. Durability

The fifth and final reason why you should get your wheels refinished is for the durability. Here at Carcone’s in Aurora, our refinished wheels have passed the same rotary fatigue, radial fatigue, and impact tests that OEM tires endure. Our experienced professionals do every step in the process, including blasting, minor dent-filling, and powder-coating, with careful precision and efficiency.

Make this year the year that you finally refinish your tired, older wheels. If you’re in the Aurora area, then your go-to source is Carcone’s. At our 9000 square-foot wheel-refinishing facility in Canada, we have a strict adherence to safety, and have a 1-year 100% warranty on the wheels that we refinish for you.

If you are seeking an opinion from experts that have been servicing the automotive industry for 36 years, feel free to contact Carcone’s in Aurora! This widely praised auto recycling business spans two generations, offers impressive wheel refinishing services, and is dedicated to providing their visitors with impeccable customer service. Since 1978, Carcone’s Auto Recycling in Aurora has been an industry leader. Check out their website at carcone.com.

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