Why Used Auto Parts Are Your Best Bet

Used auto parts are the absolute best source of auto parts for frugal car owners who want to keep their car on the road and properly maintained—without losing the roof over their heads. It is also the best choice for eco-minded car owners who are looking to reduce the eco footprint of their vehicle.

There are, in fact, a number of solid reasons why used auto parts are your best bet…

Auto Parts Shopping: Why Used Auto Parts are your Best Bet
Here at Carcone’s we’re huge proponents of used auto parts….obviously. But there are a number of tangible reasons why they may be your best bet:


The discount price is always the biggest motivating factor for buying used auto parts. They can save you anywhere from 35% up to 75% off the price of new, equivalent parts.


Very few of us have automotive repairs built into our budgets. And when you don’t build car repairs into your budget, they can—and absolutely will—come at the worst time possible (not that there’s ever a good time). Buying a used auto part can help get your car back on the road without taking your food off the table.

Because They ARE Quality Parts

The biggest argument against used parts is that they aren’t quality and they won’t last. This simply isn’t true, at least not across the board. Here at Carcone’s we thoroughly inspect every part that leaves our warehouse. They are all in working order and have zero mechanical issues. We put our parts in our own cars—and we would never sell a part that we wouldn’t install in our own cars.

Of course, these parts aren’t brand new, they will wear out…eventually, and this is why our parts come with a warranty (and optional extended warranties) that ensures their correct functioning.

Because your Car Isn’t New

You wouldn’t put BMW parts into a Pontiac, so why put brand new parts into a used car? Your car isn’t new, so putting gently-used parts in your car only make sense. Your other parts are now ‘used’, which makes other used parts a viable option. Be sure to keep in mind that these parts are ‘used’–but they’re not used up.


As we said above, we wouldn’t sell any part that we wouldn’t put in our own car…and we put our money where our mouth is. We offer a 60-day no-questions-asked warranty on every used auto parts that we sell. For those who want a guarantee for a longer lifecycle we also offer 6-month, 1- and 5-year warranties—many of which offer not only a warranty on the part but also on the labour.

So—used car parts are quality parts. They come with a warranty and they save you a ton of money. They match your car perfectly—and they often have better availability than new parts for older cars.  Curious how much our quality used auto parts can save you? Just give us a call here at Carcone’s!

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