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Wheel Refinishing

A refinished wheel completed by Carcone's will not be covered under any warranty if 1 or more of the following have taken place:

1. Damage due to improper installation.
* Today?s wheels require sophisticated tire machines for proper installation. We cannot warranty our craftsmanship if improper equipment is used.

2. Damage from negligence, collision, or the use of clip on weights on the front refinished portion of wheel.

3. Repair or manipulation from a third party other than Carcone's.

4. Discolouration caused by the use of harmful cleaners or chemicals.
By following these steps will insure proper care of your refinished wheel
- For the first 24-48 hours following the refinishing process do not wash your wheels.
- After 48 hours you can proceed in washing your wheels but should do so with only soap and water.
- Do not use power washer or any aggressive cleaning tools for the first week.
- After 1 week you may go back to your regular maintenance regiment

5. Finish damage caused by salt exposure.
* With our diverse weather conditions, salt will play havoc on your vehicles aluminum wheels. When and if possible you should replace your aluminum wheels with winter rims and tires. If you are in the market for winter rims please check our wheel search feature and we will be happy to help you source the right wheels for your vehicle.

Our Warranty

Carcone's Auto Recycling is pleased to offer our customers a variety of warranty packages.