Wheel Refinishing

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Carcone's continues to lead the automotive wheel refinishing industry.

After being in the automotive business for over 50 years the Carcone name has become known for service, quality and customer satisfaction. Over 20 years ago Carcone’s took a chance and invested in processes that they knew very little about. CNC Machinery, painting systems, ovens and powder coating. This was all new and very different then what was the norm at the time. Today the fear of the unknown has taken a 360 degree turn as we continuously look for new and better equipment. Now with over 20 years experience in the wheel refinishing industry, Carcone’s has a team of motivated individuals and an 8500 sq ft state of the art facility dedicated to serve our customers.

Highest quality refinishing service

Exact paint matching

Powder coating finishes

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24- 48
hour shipping

One year 100% warranty

Customer satisfaction guaranteed


Using our state of the art equipment we are able to provide you with a like new finish on all O.E.M. and aftermarket wheels. We stand behind our workmanship and finishes with an exclusive 1 year warranty. We have taken our wheel refinishing process to a higher level!


At Carcone's, safety is a priority that we take seriously. With this being said our refinishing service has been tested by the very same company that test wheels for the North American OE Manufacturers to verify the effect of our refinishing with respect to structural integrity of the wheel once it has completed our process. Our refinished wheels went through the same tests and tolerances that OEM wheels are subject to.

fatigue test

The purpose of this test is to place above-normal stress loads on the center hub area of the wheel while in a turning or cornering simulation at speeds of 450 RPM.

RESULT: Our refinished wheel PASSED

fatigue test

The purpose of this test is to place above-normal stress loads on the center hub area of the wheel while in a forward moving simulation at speeds of 45MPH.

RESULT: Our refinished wheel PASSED


The purpose of this test is to measure the effect of impact and air loss at high speeds

RESULT: Our refinished wheel PASSED

Customer safety

At Carcone’s we are committed to the safety of our customers. With the combination of our refinishing process and the testing results, you can be assured that by choosing Carcone’s for your wheel refinishing needs that your best interest and safety concerns are taken seriously. We will not compromise safety for profits. In regards to this, we believe that not all wheels are suitable for refinishing due to safety reasons. As a result, not all wheels will be able to be repaired or refinished and we reserve the right to turn down wheels that will be unable to meet our safety standards.