Used Auto Parts in Aurora: Your Best Source

If you’re looking used auto parts in Aurora—your best source is Carcone’s. Our staff are the most knowledgeable in the business and our selection and prices are unbeatable.

Carcone’s isn’t only your best source for used auto parts in Aurora, but also used car parts in Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, King City and as far South as Richmond Hill.

There are 5 great reason to make Carcone’s your best source for used auto parts in Aurora…

1. Family—Ours and Yours

Carcone’s auto recycling is a family business, passed down to a second-generation of car fanatics. Our family is now 50 employees strong—each and every one of them an integral part of the Carcone family and the Aurora community. But we don’t just treat our (blood) family and employees like family—our clients are equally as treasured, and each and every time you come in we’ll treat you like one of our own.

2. Discount Used Auto Parts

Not only will our service feel like family—our prices will feel like you’re getting ‘the family discount’.

3. We’re Always Available

We’ve gone out of our way to be readily available for you. From a direct line to each of our valued front-end staff to our Instant Messenger addresses that we proudly display on our website, we want to be available to you, when you need it most.

4. Quality

We stand behind each and every used auto part we sell. If we don’t think it is the highest-quality part we can offer—then we don’t put it on our shelves.

5. Our Environment

Our generation may very well be defined by the world we leave to our children. While we won’t single-handedly stop global warming we help keep tons and tons of caustic car fluids from entering our water, greenhouse gases from the manufacturing of new auto parts from going into our atmosphere and tons of metal from filling our landfills. To put that in perspective, North American auto recyclers like us save 8-times the amount of fluid spilled from the Exxon Valdez from going into our waters—every year.

So, if you need used auto parts in Aurora and surrounding areas—drop on by the family here at Carcone’s. You won’t be disappointed.

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