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Aurora Cars: The Best Scenic Routes For Joy Rides

In the vast Greater Toronto Area, some of the most gorgeous locations to observe are in the highly-lauded town of Aurora. Notable for its pleasant heritage-like surroundings and burgeoning real estate, this area is not without its charm. With spring around the corner, there’s no better time to go for a spirited drive in the countryside. So grab your keys, hop in your vehicle, and be prepared for a relaxing, impressive ride around the town of Aurora!

Aurora Cars: The Best Scenic Routes For Joy Rides

Aurora is a place that can make visitors feel instant tranquility. Even a brief drive on St. John’s Sideroad can leave you with a longing to explore the rest of the beautiful rolling hills in this town! Listed below are some great locations that everyone should explore when they’re in the area:

-Shepherd’s Bush Conservation Area (93 Industrial Parkway South): Driving by this area will overwhelm you with its beauty. A popular location for picnics and trails, Shepherd’s Bush is a mainly forested property that also has some intriguing historic buildings.

-The Aurora Community Arboretum (135 Industrial Parkway North): If you happen to be drifting by the Industrial Parkway area, be sure to pass by this formal parkland/conservation centre. It has a great mix of wildlife, meadows, forests, and wetlands.

-Oak Ridges Moraine Area: When we say that Rouge Park spans many acres, we’re not kidding around- it’s 11,600 acres, which is roughly 47 kilometres! Though it reaches all the way over to the Lakeshore in Toronto, this park starts around the Oak Ridges Moraine area. The moraine is home to many challenging trails, tranquil streams, and flowing rivers that may entice you to step out of your car to get a closer look!

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