Selling your Car or Donating your Car: Why Carcone’s is your Best Option in Aurora for BOTH

When deciding between selling your car or donating your car in Aurora—Carcone’s is your best choice. We’re a family-owned, family-run business that supports not only our 50+ local employees but also the community in general, through keeping cars out of landfills and waterways—and also by supporting the Linden Fund.

Why Carcone’s: Donating your Car in Aurora

Kudos for considering donating your car—there are tons of community-based and nation-wide charities that can always use the support. Here at Carcone’s our charity of choice is the Linden Fund. The Linden Fund deeply resonates with us as it gives the precious gift of life to premature infants who desperately need the care. Here at Carcone’s we believe (as cliche as it sounds) that children are our community’s future. And we’ll be remembered by the world we leave them, which is why we participate in eco-friendly auto recycling—a process that keeps tons and tons of metal from being produced, greenhouse gases from being released into our air and toxic fluids from entering our waterways (and in turn, our food). But, while we have a daily commitment to our environment through our work in auto recycling—which by the way is the largest single-product recycling volume in the country—we want to even more directly affect the children in our community and country. Enter the Linden Fund.

The Linden Fund is a phenomenal charity full of kind-hearted individuals offering assistance to premature babies and their families by providing Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units the up-to-date equipment they need to improve the overall survival and thriving rates of premature infants. They also assist in mental, physical and emotional development help for premature infants found to be at-risk for further complications from their unfortunate premature birth. In their own words, they’re “Making a Big Difference in Tiny Lives.”

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Why Carcone’s: Selling your Car in Aurora
If you already have your own charity in mind and wanted to donate your car to them—you can still bring it into Carcone’s. The cash-in-hand we give can be donated to any charity that personally resonates with you. Or perhaps at this point in your life the money is better left within your household—so that may be your best option.

Whatever your motivation for selling your car in Aurora, call Carcone’s. After just a few minutes on the phone we can offer you a quote on your car, and/or give you all the information you need to donate your car. You then bring it in and we handle all the paperwork for you—making the process as easy as pie.

When selling your car or donating your car in Aurora—trust Carcone’s decades-upon-decades of experience, our car-fanatic staff who eat, breathe and live cars—and our rich history in auto recycling. Make Carcone’s your go-to source for auto recycling and of course for super-affordable used car parts.

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