Scrap Metal or Selling your Car for Used Auto Parts: The Showdown

Deciding between selling your car for used auto parts and selling your car for scrap metal isn’t really a decision at all (but more about that later). To break that down further let’s look at what is involved in each process, selling your car for scrap metal and selling your car for used auto parts.Selling your Car for Used Auto Parts
Selling your car for used auto parts is an involved process, and is mainly a question of time, abilities, patience and your current need for cash. So, consider the following factors: It pays more than selling your car for scrap metal, but it is more work. When considering selling your car for parts you need to first evaluate the viability of the parts. If your car is a popular make and model, like a Toyota Corolla, then there may be a need for many of its parts on the market; however the popularity of the make and model isn’t the only element to consider though, you also need to look at which specific used auto parts you can salvage. Hint: the most valuable tend to be things like wheels and engines.
Once you’ve figured out that your car’s parts are worth something on the used auto parts market you need to manually remove them from your car, and then inspect them to see if they are still in sellable condition. Next you’ll need to advertise them on a site like Kijiji or Ebay, and once sold ship them off to the buyer (or drop them off for locals).
Summary: The benefit to selling your car for used auto parts is that you can make some decent coin. For a rough idea how much, simply look up what parts from your car are selling for online. The only downside is that you need the mechanical know-how and have to have the time to sell them.Selling your Car for Scrap Metal
Selling your car for scrap metal need not be an either/or decision. Since most auto recycling yards, like Carcone’s, both scrap cars and sell used auto parts—they will still buy them even if you’ve taken a few key parts out.
If you don’t have the technical know-how, or time, to sell your car’s used parts—then selling your car for scrap metal is a great choice. It takes no time or effort, you simply call Carcone’s. We give you a quote right over the phone what your car is worth for scrap, then arrange a convenient time for you to bring it in. We do all the paperwork—and you get your cash in hand.
Whether you’re selling your car for scrap metal or selling your car for used auto parts—Carcone’s is your go-to source for both in Aurora and surrounding areas. Our no-hassle process puts cash in hand—so call us today.[show_featured_events_2_shortcode][show_featured_services_shortcode][show_warranty_section_shortcode]

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