Scrap Car Removal: How to MAKE Money—not Spend Money

We can’t count how many times we’ve driven by houses, empty lots and storage facilities and seen rusted-out, banged-up cars sitting there. Unusable and unloved. They desperately want their owners to use scrap car removal, and melt them into something new, shiny and lovable.

Good news for owners—scrap car removal can make you money. And of course, at the same time,  make your car happy. It will also free up the real estate the car is using, and prevent your car’s toxic fluids from leaking into the ground and our community.

So—make money, save real estate—and the environment? Sold! But how can I leverage scrap car removal to MAKE MONEY? Well—we’ve got great news for’s super simple.


Scrap Car Removal: How to MAKE Money—not Spend Money

To make money and not spend it, you need to sell it to an auto recycler—instead of paying a towing company to take it away. Your first step is to find your local auto recycler. If you’re in the Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket area—then the go-to options is Carcone’s Auto Recycling.

So, your first step is to give us a call. From there’s its an easy ride. While on the phone we’ll discuss a few things…

  1. How much your car is worth. This figure will depend on the stock weight of your car—which we determine based on the by-the-book weight of your car. We then multiply this by the current price of scrap metal. If we need to arrange to pick the car up it may affect the price of the quote, but if you bring the car in it can boost your return.
  2. We’ll discuss a convenient time to pick it up, or for you to drop it off.
  3. How easy the process is, which involves super-simple paperwork that we can pre-prepare for you.

In a single call we can give you a quote, arrange to bring the car in and discuss the paperwork process. From there all that is left to do is to make the call to us here at Carcone’s—then collect your cash!

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