May is National Car Care Month in Canada: Keep Your Maintenance Costs Down

May is National Car Care Month in Canada, and its goal is to build consumer awareness so that they can make good decisions about their vehicles. Keeping your car in good repair will not only conserve energy, which is good for the environment, but it will also help it to run more safely and efficiently.

With the summer driving season fast approaching, take some time during National Car Care Month to prepare your vehicle to make sure that it is ready to hit the road. You will likely spend more time behind the wheel in fine weather than when roads are covered in snow and ice. If you are planning to drive to a vacation destination, it makes even more sense to make sure that your regular maintenance is up to date.

National Car Care Month: Regular Maintenance is Important

Here are some suggestions to make sure your car is ready for summer:

  • Check all fluid levels (Brake, Power Steering, Transmission, Coolant/Anti-Freeze, and Washer fluid) in the car.
  • Clean your car thoroughly. Inspect the glass for nicks and chips, and have them attended to promptly.
  • Before you head out on a long road trip, make a point of having your car inspected. Be sure to tell the technician whether you will be traveling over a long distance and if you plan to be towing a trailer so that he will have a good idea about the demands you will be placing on your vehicle.
  • Replace any worn out parts, like belts and hoses, before they break.

Keep your Maintenance Costs Down this Summer

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