How to Know When to Scrap A Wheel and When to Refinish

Here at Carcone’s, we’re huge proponents of wheel refinishing. The way that this effective process can breathe new life into an old, lacklustre set of wheels is nothing short of incredible. Plus, at our wheel refinishing facility in Aurora, we also include a one year warranty. However, at Carcone’s, safety comes first. We can’t refinish every set of wheels- some are simply too damaged to refinish, and doing so would be unsafe for our customers. 

To help you decide if wheel refinishing is ideal for your wheels, we’ve put together a list where we detail when you should refinish them—and advice on when to scrap them. Let’s begin with the instances in which you should absolutely scrap your wheels.

When to Scrap a Wheel

There are two primary circumstances under which we would recommend that you scrap your wheels, which are directly related to your safety on the road:

  • Severe damage

If your wheel has severe damage, it may adversely affect the wheel due to structural integrity. In this case, we won’t refinish it, and we would strongly recommend that you replace it with one of our affordable in-stock refinished or used wheels.

  • If they aren’t approved for Carcone’s wheel refinishing

The second reason we would advise you to scrap your wheels is if it was cracked in any way.  Cracked wheels will not be repaired- not because it’s difficult to weld, but because we feel that it is an unsafe practice. Therefore, we have taken the stand that any cracked wheel cannot be refinished.

When to Use Wheel Refinishing

Of course, not all wheel damage is enough of a reason enough to scrap a wheel entirely. There are four different types of wheel damage that makes wheels great candidates for wheel refinishing.

  • Light dents or imperfections

The first scenario in which you should refinish the wheel is if there are mild dents or imperfections on it. These signs of superficial damage can easily benefit from our highly regarded service. 

  • If you want to restore their shine

The second case in which you would want to refinish your wheels is if you want to restore their shine. Many people replace dull-looking wheels entirely, due to lack of knowledge that their wheels could be restored for significantly lower costs. Our highly lauded wheel refinishing service can restore the shine and lustre to your wheels and rims!

  • Slightly bent wheels

If your wheels are slightly bent, they can benefit from Carcone’s wheel refinishing service. With the help of our refinishing experts, we can bring new life to these afflicted wheels!

  • Curb rash, scrapes, or peeling

The fourth and final reason to refinish your wheels is to counteract the damage done by the road, such as curb rash, scrapes, or peeling.

Altogether, there are reasons to scrap your wheels and reasons to refinish them. If you want to see if your wheels can be saved with wheel refinishing, check out Carcone’s in Aurora. Safety comes first, and our experts will give you an honest, valuable opinion on the condition of your wheels.

Our widely praised auto recycling business spans two generations, offers impressive wheel refinishing services, and is dedicated to providing our visitors with impeccable customer service. Since 1978, Carcone’s Auto Recycling in Aurora has been an industry leader. Check out their website at

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