Auto Recycling and Selling your Car: The 5 Important Environmental Benefits

Selling your car through auto recycling is green—and were not just talking about the green it puts in your pocket. It also helps ‘green’ the earth, in 5 important, eco-friendly ways:

1. Recycling—Lots of It

If you recycle at home—you should absolutely recycle your car. Recycling the average car is the equivalent of recycling 100,000+ cans. If you eat a can of Spaghettio’s every day, and recycle the can—it would take you 274 years to reach the eco-karmic equivalent of one car.

2. 8 x the Exxon Valdez

Cars come with all sorts of toxic, caustic fluids, including: brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant, gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluids and power-steering fluid. When cars are not disposed of properly—which often happens when they are abandoned—those fluids enter into our water systems. Auto recycling saves fluids from entering into our landfills and water—equivalent to 8 times the Exxon Valdez spill. Auto recyclers save that massive amount of toxic fluids every single year.

3. The 80% Rule

When you bring a car to us we recycle as many materials as humanly possible—with the majority of that being the metal that forms the parts and chassis. We’re able to recycle, reuse and re-manufacture up to 80% of recycled cars. This means tons upon tons of scrap materials that never reach our landfills, and tons of new metal that isn’t mined and refined.

4. Greenhouse Gases

Producing the steel, iron and other metals needed to create new cars pours tons of greenhouse gases into the environment from refineries. Melting existing metal from recycled cars prevents that gas from being created.  If every person in North America recycled just one car in their lifetime we could save over a billion tons of gases from being released into our air.

5. Used Auto Parts

Salvaging any usable parts from recycled cars is another way to save refineries from adding even more greenhouse gases into the environment.

Selling your car via auto recycling simply makes (environmental) sense—and cents! And there is no better place to do auto recycling in Aurora than Carcone’s. Our family has decades of experience in the business, we employee a good chunk of people from our city and we’re highly involved in the community. When you think auto recycling: think Carcone’s.

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