Auto Recyclers: Our Commitment To The Aurora Community

Do you remember that feeling of triumph you experienced when you purchased your first car? Sure, it was 12 years old, it had some rust spots, and the passenger window’s control functions didn’t work, but it was something that you saved diligently for back when you were a teenager. After several years of being your one and only ride, and one too many pricey trips to your mechanic, it was time to “retire” your very first vehicle. It’s usually during this time that many new drivers become acquainted with auto recyclers.

Auto Recyclers: Our Commitment To The Aurora Community

By recycling the large abundance of vehicles that are no longer fit for the road, auto recyclers, such as Carcone’s Auto Recycling, are a huge proponent when it comes down to taking care of our environment.

Instead of selling your “retired” car to a scrap yard, you can get some cash by recycling it. Many scrap yards will only strip a few components from your vehicle before an auto wrecker crushes it. Unfortunately, this leads to large amounts of toxic substances from the vehicle (antifreeze, brake fluid, gas, oil, etc.) spilling out into the surrounding area- and the atmosphere.

If you sell or donate your vehicle to Carcone’s Auto Recycling, they will dispose of it in a way that protects our environment. After detaching useful parts from the vehicle , these professionals then extract the gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, anti-freeze, mercury (for cars manufactured prior to 2003,) windshield wiper fluid, battery lead, and battery acid from it. Up to 80% of each vehicle is recycled.

As respected members of the automotive recycling industry, Carcone’s Auto Recycling is committed to showing Aurora residents, along with the rest of the world, that we all can make a difference, and we can help protect our environment with a little effort.

Carcone’s Auto Recycling spans two generations, offers impressive wheel refinishing services, and is dedicated to providing their visitors with impeccable customer service. Since 1978, Carcone’s Auto Recycling in Aurora has been an industry leader. Check out their website at

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