Auto Parts: How To Shake Off Winter And Prep Your Car For Spring And Summer

It’s safe to say that we’re experiencing one of the coldest, fiercest winters that we’ve ever had in recent memory. With a catastrophic ice storm in Toronto that left thousands without power during the holidays, along with some extremely freezing weather conditions, we just have one question for our readers: are you ready for spring? We can all agree that this past winter has definitely overstayed its welcome! Now that the spring season is on the horizon, it’s time to start prepping your car for warm weather conditions!

Auto Parts: How To Shake Off Winter And Prep Your Car For Spring And Summer

Listed below are some of the ways that you can effectively jumpstart your transition into the spring and summer seasons:

-Get your winter tires swapped out. Now that the roads are devoid of ice and slush, the time has come for you to get your four winter tires replaced with your “summer” tires!

-Check your windshield wipers. After this past winter, your wipers could be worn out- ensure that they’re still able to perform adequately for your vehicle by looking for cracks, overtly dry blades, or splits.

-Get your car washed. There’s no better way to say “goodbye” to all that salt that clogged the roads than giving your car a thorough wash. Some turtle wax can also spruce things up, leaving it sparkling and ready for the warm weather.

-Inspect your spark plugs. When these wear out, they can greatly affect your fuel efficiency. Check them out to see if they’re still in decent shape.

-Check your fluid and oil levels. Even if you don’t have to get an oil change for another month, double check your levels to make sure that they’re in good standing.

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